Overall aims:

To improve the standards of music delivery for children and young people
To embed learning and effective practice in host and partner organisations


To encourage a natural passion for music and embed key skills in music-making and production in young people from areas of deprivation.

To develop young Manchester musicians from the less privileged sectors of society as future music industry professionals.

To improve the quality and standards of music delivery for young people: work intensively with young people on their music creation and practice leading to live performances, live radio sessions and recording their music for broadcast.

To embed learning and effective practice in host and partner organisations and share practice beyond the project:

To encourage ALL FM 96.9 and our partners to make music provision and development for young people core to our delivery, highlighting best practice via web, social media and live performances.

What we offer the young people:

To be taken seriously as young musicians and performers.

Regular tuition in singing, drumming, playing guitar and writing songs in an ‘out of school’ atmosphere.

Opportunities to broadcast live on ALL FM and to eventually have their own regular show.

Opportunities to learn how to perform at venues other than school.

Having their original music recorded professionally at SSR.

Having their original music on the ALL FM playlist.

Masterclasses in other styles and genres of music.

Workships in sound engineering, music production and editing.

The opportunity to take part in the Arts Awards scheme.


ALL FM 96.9 delivered taster sessions in August 2014 where 17 young people created 11 tracks from scratch in an intensive one week project. Four of the tracks were written and created by participants. The others were covers. They sang in harmony with one another and played drums and guitar on these tracks too.

All tracks were played on the first live Music Fusion radio show hosted by the young people on ALL FM 96.9 in August 2014.

To listen to the show click here:

The main project started up again in September 2014 and began by working from two Music Hubs operating each week.

Hub 1.
Tuesdays from 23rd September 2014. 4.30pm – 7pm venue to be confirmed.

Hub 2.
Wednesdays from 17th September 2014. 3.00pm – 6pm at Burnage Academy SLC.



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